Teletronik passives look back to a successfull long past. We supply the whole range of passives to our customers, including splitters from 2 to 16 ways, taps from 8 to 32 dB tap attenuation ground loop isolators and multimedia splitters.

teletronik splitters and taps come in two sort. a smaller end user based indoor type and a more robust, line feedable waterproof CATV operator based outdoor type.

Teletronik indoor passieves are designed to be employed in domestic enviroments. Physically the passives are as compact and durable as possible. The nickel-plated zinc die cast housing is designed for easy and convenient installation. The electrical parameters of our indoor passives offer low insertion loss, high return loss and isolation and the average screening factor stays below 70dB up to 1 GHz.

Teletronik outdoor passive range builds up from 3 lines: teletronik PRO-LINE PRO-LINE stands for top quality and performance. Built with SMD components it reaches outstanding mechanical resistance, lower power consuption and better high frequency performance, it is less effected by RF signals, yielding better predictability of component characteristics. teletronik ECO-LINE Our „golden path” of CATV passives. It combines high power passing and excellent RFI parameters at a modest price. Choose teletronik ECO-LINE for a long life-span and decent signal quality in the middle price range.

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